Pastor who married pregnant teen with wife’s approval is angry gay marriage is legal

A Christian pastor who impregnated and married a teen girl with the approval of his wife believes if same-sex marriage is legal, then so should his polygamy.

Thom Miller, 60, who

married his 19-year-old girlfriend Reba Kerfootruba while still married to his 44-year-old wife Belinda Miller, are all living together in a small Ohio home.

‘I think it’s wrong that [same-sex] marriage is now recognized by the state, but my second marriage is not,’ Thom told Barcroft TV.

Both wives claim to be happy, with them saying they are happy to be two mothers to the new child once it’s born.

The reverend, who has seven children from previous marriages and has served seven years in prison, said there are sometimes ‘flares of jealousy’ but they make it work.

‘I’m going to try and fight… this is America and my wives and I have the right to live any way we please, providing we’re not hurting anybody.’